Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Brisbane

A quality, well-painted roof will make a huge difference in the appearance of the entire property

At Elite Painting and Decorating Services we can not only repaint your home but we are also Dulux Acra Tex trained roof applicators. We can restore old colourbond and tile roofs on domestic and commercial buildings. Dulux Acra Tex provides a quality finish as well as the ability to keep your house cooler in Summer. All our roof restorations come with a 10-year warranty.

If your roof is cracked or looks unsightly, we can make it look new and attractive again. At Elite Painting, we take pride in doing an excellent job, which is why DULUX back our roof restoration work with a 10-year warranty. If you have been searching for a roof repairer, you have probably found several sites that tell you to pay for a painting service. Most companies do not provide much educational information to make you feel comfortable that you are making the right choice. We like to educate our customers to give them the peace of mind that we are experts and that we take our commitment to quality work seriously.

Important Considerations About Roof Restoration Brisbane

When most people look for roofing contractors, they are not sure what they need to look for. Roof coating is a specialised service, and contractors who repaint or restore roofs must be licensed. There are some independent people who offer roof services without the proper credentials. They usually approach senior citizens who own homes by visiting or by calling. Our painters are experienced with restoration, and we are accredited by Dulux. It is Australia’s most reputable paint brand. To become accredited, painters are required to meet strict professional criteria. They must demonstrate superb workmanship standards, offer excellent customer service and be reliable. 

Roof Restoration Brisbane

We are a recognised DULUX accredited painter and registered roof applicator. According to Dulux, accreditation signifies leadership in the painting industry. Another important consideration is satisfaction. Contractors who simply want to make quick money do not offer guarantees or total customer satisfaction. In many cases, they do not have websites. We have a detailed website that provides answers to most questions. However, we welcome you to contact us with any questions, and we respond as quickly as possible to website inquiries. We also welcome you to call us. As mentioned, DULUX offer a 10-year warranty on our restoration work. Additionally, we make customer service a top priority, and complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our philosophy is to restore and paint each roof as if it were our own. No Job is complete until you are satisfied. Quality work and materials are important for any roof restoration project. Since there is occasional rain in Brisbane, we know how important it is to prevent leaks. In the next section, we will explain some common roof problems and solutions. Our experts inspect your roof carefully and do not cut corners. Poor roof work can lead to seepage, which can lead to dangerous mould growth behind the walls. Your family’s safety is important to us, which is why we use thorough work methods and high-quality materials. If you are concerned about damage to your restored roof after a storm, we encourage you to contact us. Many companies use subcontractors to complete jobs. There are widespread problems with subcontractors not being paid for their work or repaid for supplies. For this reason, many homeowners have complaints about poor workmanship or low-quality materials after they work with companies that hire subcontractors. While not all subcontractors do a poor job, the risk of dissatisfaction with them is higher. This is why we only send our own painters to your property. Our company takes pride in doing its own work without the help of subcontractors, and we strive to provide the best roof restoration Brisbane has to offer.

Roof Problems And Solutions

You may know that your roof needs professional attention. However, most people are not familiar with some common roof problems and the repair solutions for those issues. These are a few examples.

Lichen Buildup

Lichen is common on homes near coastal waters. Some unethical or uneducated roof builders tell people that lichen eats through tile. While this is not true, it can contribute to drainage channel blockages on a tile roof. Also, excessive lichen growth can cause pieces to separate when it penetrates the roof. Since tiles can become brittle over time, this means that lichen can worsen roof damage.

Broken Tiles

You may notice that some tiles are either cracked or completely broken. If tiles are severely cracked, broken or missing, we will replace them. Some tiles can be saved. For example, a displaced tile that is not broken or cracked can be replaced in its proper position. The mortar bedding of the hip capping and ridge capping may be broken as well. Re-pointing or re-bedding the capping is necessary when this happens. Ridge capping refers to the tiles along the top of the roof, and hip capping refers to the tiles along the sloped junctions of the roof.

What To Expect During Roof Restoration Brisbane

It does not take as long to restore a roof as it does to build a new one. If you are not sure if you need a new roof or a restoration of your existing one, we can help you determine the right choice. We have restored roofs on many homes and businesses. Some companies that build roofs are quick to suggest a new roof when it is not necessary. Our professionals tell you what you need to do to prepare for restoration or roof painting. If your roof does not need restoration, we take the right preparatory steps before we paint it. The roof must be thoroughly cleaned. Our company follows the correct painting steps to ensure that your roof is completely protected. There are several factors that affect the completion time for a roof restoration project. The size of the property and the intricacy of the roof are important. For example, a flat roof on a small home is not as complicated to work with as one that has turrets, gables or many surfaces. Also, the extent of the damage affects the completion time. We strive to provide prompt service and to remain the top roof painting and restoration company. Our experts always give you an accurate time estimate. Painting and restoring your roof will help protect your home from costly water damage. There are several other good reasons to paint and restore your roof.

Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Roof

A repainted tile or steel roof will improve the appearance of your building. If you run a business, the aesthetic appearance of the structure sends a message to potential customers about your company.

Why You Should Repaint Your Residential Roof

If your home looks drab because of a cracked or discoloured roof, painting and restoring it can add value to your property. In addition to adding monetary value, it adds curb appeal. This is especially important if you are thinking about selling your home soon. It is usually cheaper to restore and paint the roof than it is to fully replace it. Please call us today for a consultation. If you need the interior or exterior parts of your home or business painted, we also provide those services.


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